Sunday, January 09, 2011

Rivers News 01-09-2011

We all hope you had a Merry Christmas and wish you a great New Year.

Well, our good fiend Patty H. displayed her artistic talents  when she painted this stunning picture of Sky from a photo that our buddy Kelly M. took several years ago. Mary liked it so much that she offered to buy it from Patty.  I hear that Patty may do a painting of me next. Of course, once Sky saw the painting, which Mike calls "Sky in Pastels", she got a big fat head over it and teased her twin sister Tunny and Stormy that she was better looking. The twins did not take too kindly to Sky's remark and well, Sky maybe cute, but she needs to back off saying things to her twin sisters who tend to stand up for each other. Know what I mean?

Anyway, No harm done. As you can see Patty is an exceptional artist. Rusty's restaurant in Palmer is displaying many of her works in their dining room. Please contact me privately if you wish to contact Patty regarding her works or if you wish the location of Rusty's restaurant.

Finally it is here, a training Video humans on selecting dogs form the animal shelter. This is a must see even if you are not considering adopting. I have embedded the video in this posting. Just click on the picture that is below my picture Enjoy.

Oops the girls are back at it. I wonder if they will ever grow up!

Gotta to run.
See ya,