Saturday, January 09, 2010

Rivers News January 10, 2010

My name is Icy, Christmas in our books. Many of you have asked if the Rivers Newsletters would continue. We girls (Sky, Stormy, Tundra and I) felt it would be nice to do so since we know many of you from the stories our Uncle Rivers told us about you.

Speaking of Uncle Rivers, we want to thank all of you who sent your condolences. Just like us, many of you know he was a special dog. He many not of crossed the finish line first but he was a true champion in his spirit, his kindness, and his devotion to Mike. Many of you have told us stories of how Uncle Rivers helped you. Thank you. Your stories just made us more proud of him and of you for overcoming whatever challenge you faced.

For those that have asked, Mike and Mary are doing OK. They miss Uncle Rivers, but both know, especially Mike, that Uncle Rivers is in a place where he can see and be a young health dog. He is with our Uncle Lakota and Aunt Sandy. I think Mike summed it up best when he said that while his dogs are no longer with him, they are with him spiritually. He knows they are in a better place and free from what physical limitations they had here with us. He also told me it is very important to strive to do our best so we can all be in a better place when our time on earth is done.

In canine-ees that means take the good memories with you as you make the most of today as if it was your last day.

Some asked about a Rivers memorial or foundation. Mike said no to both of those ideas. Times are tough and many of our friends are having a hard time making ends meet. However, our good friend, Dr. Jim made Mike aware of ACVO, Vision for Animals Foundation. The foundation sole purpose is supporting animal eye disease research. Their web site is If you wish to make a donation in the name of Uncle Rivers or another sight challenged animal, I am sure that ACVO would greatly appreciated that.

We are in the process of contracting to rebuild the web site. Our web master will be CA Wetovich Design and we will be using a new web address at We do not have a time line as to when it will be completed. My daughter, Stormy, our techno-canine-geek is preparing the files to be use. This may take some time because her sisters, Sky and Tundra are undecided as to what pictures of them we should use. The new site will have an e-shop so you can buy our books on-line if you wish and a link to our blog so that you can keep up with what is happening in our neck of the woods.

Sky and Tunny asked me to remind you that one of their favorite TV shows, “Chuck”, is returning to TV on Sunday night Jan 10 on NBC.

We understand if you do not want to receive our news any longer. All we ask is that you let us know so Stormy can remove you from our newsletter.

Well I have to go and take care of my youngin's. You know how kids are when they are left unattended too long. A mother's work is never done!

Uncle Rivers ended his e-mails with “See Ya” his joke because he could not see. He told me that deep in side, he knew he would “See Ya” sometime. So, if you do not mind, 

See Ya