Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rivers News April 13, 2010

I gave Icy the night off since she wanted to stay out in the rain. I guess it is her bath time!

Last Saturday, April 10, I did a book signing at the BX on Elemndorf. While there, I met an extraordinary young 10 year old name Sam Allred who wrote an illustrated children's book titled “Open Hearts”. His 13 year old sister, Emily, did the illustrations for him.

The book is Sam's own adventure of dealing with chronic illness that really prevents him from living the normal active life of a 10 year old. Sam writes about how others, including his peers, treat him, which in some cases is not too nice. The message of this short book is HOPE. The hope to find a cure, the hope to get well. Sam told me he wrote the book to share his hope with other kids who are facing disabling chronic illnesses.

Sam and his family did not stop with just a book, but also started a nonprofit called Kindness for Kids whose purpose is to bring some measure of comfort and hope to children with chronic illnesses. They have a web site: www.kindnessforkids.org. For more information about Sam's book and guest appearances, contact his mom at Angie@kindnessforkids.org.

During the book signing, a military K-9 unit did a routine patrol of the BX. The handler, with his dog, and I talked dogs. His dog was under constant hand command and was on alert while we talked. After we were done chatting, the handler visited with Sam. While talking across the table we used for book signing, the dog gentle put both front paws on the table as he faced Sam. The dog stared to whimper, indicating the dog knew Sam was not well and the dog was there for Sam. This was very apparent from the look on the dog's face. The handler knew exactly what the dog was doing.

The dog's display of concern is very indicative of the main purpose of our military; to defend and to protect the weak. Weak, not only in stature, but also those who need assistance in times of crisis. Protecting the weak through compassion, kindness and helping. Our military, both now and past, is a national treasure. Without which, there would be no personal freedom, our greatest nationality treasure.
Speaking of service and working dogs, I must remind you not to try to pet or touch a working service or military dog unless you have the owner's permission.

Yes, I am enjoying retirement and our dogs are getting spoiled with me being home.

Enough gabbing for now. I will be at Pandemonium Books in Wasilla this Saturday April 17 from 11 to 3. If you like hot chocolate, have one at Pandemonium. Take my word, you will find none finer.

Take care

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Rivers News April 1, 2010

Mike was thinking of doing an April fool gig on you, but I convinced him not to. Sometimes practical jokes don't go over well.

We had a Momma Moose and her babies visit the other day. Momma and I discussed how these kids today are really a bit different than when she and I were kids. Mary was a bit shocked to see Momma Moose and I were nose to nose through the chain link fence chatting.

Guess what, we got new wood floors in the house and it is a bit scary walking on it. But it is sure beautiful. Goes very nice with the paint job that was done. Of course Sky was the first one to explore the floors and the first to belly flop across them when she lost her pawing. Stormy and Tunny watch Sky's display of grace and decided to walk on the throw rugs to be safe. Sky, how many times were you told not to race in the house????

Mike told us that he sold a bunch of vacation time and he is using the cash to fix up the house. Next comes a new roof and seal-coating the driveway. Oh, and the gravel area next to the garage side entrance where we come in will be paved also. That will cut down on the dirt  our muddy paws bring into the garage.

If you are up for a movie then check out "Blind Side" excellent. We all enjoyed it as well as the new Celtic Woman concert "Songs from the Heart". Pass the popcorn please!!

Well, the girls are acting up again so I have to go. You know, a Momma's work is never done especially when it comes to her pups.

Happy Easter, and remember not to give your pup any of those chocolate Easter eggs. Not good for them, and you too if you eat too many.

See ya