Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Rivers News 2-09-2011

"Stormy" by P.Hally

 Our good friend Patty has done it again. She completed paintings of Stormy and me. Wow, she is good.

The painting of Stormy is very detailed, especially since Stormy is mostly black in color. While I know she did not say anything to Sky (remember Sky got a big head after Patty did her painting), I bet she is very happy of the way that Patty captured her good looks.

"Icy" by P. Hally
I am very happy with my painting also. You may wonder why I look so said. That is my gimmick for getting more treats. If I look sad, I get more treats and people make a big fuss over me because people want to make make happy. Now Mike sees through this, but sometimes Mary doesn't. You see, I am the first dog she ever raised from puppy-hood so she considers me special. Nope, I am not going to argue with that or say no to any of the extra TLC, I get from her. Would you? 

Mike told me that my painting in the back room, on a chair waiting is to be framed., The other day, he walked quickly passed the room and stopped short. The painting is so lifelike that Mike  really thought I was in the room.

Well Valentine's Day is next Monday. So don't forget to get your Valentine something special.

We have a moose in the area so when Mike took me down the driveway to get the morning paper, I noticed it and hustled Mike back up to the house. I was not sure where it was since it was still dark. Usually the moose don't bother us, but if you can't see them then you don't know if you are between them and their offspring. Being between them could be dangerous. So, it is best to just leave the area the way you came in.

Don't forget that Fur Rondy starts in Anchorage on Feb 25th and the Iditarod take off from Anchorage on March 5th. With Mike in the hospital during that time for his knee replacement, I don't think he will be getting involved in any of the festivities. But I know Mary will be at the Iditarod taking pictures. So, if you see her laying in a snowbank pointing her camera at a dog team, stop and chat for a while. Don't forget that if you are in Anchorage during the Fur Rondy festivities, wear your Rondy pin or else the "Rondy Keystone Cops" will put you in "Jail"

Time to go.
See ya,