Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rivers News October 14, 2010

While it has been brilliantly sunny here, the temperatures are in the mid 20s and there is plenty of frost on the ground. Yesterday I was napping in the yard and the girls were keeping an eye on Mike who was at the bottom of the driveway cleaning up the debris from a tree that was blown down in the last wind storm we had. This tree had blocked the street, but the borough crew cut it up and moved it to the side of the street. Mike was moving the salvageable wood to our yard and cutting up the branches for kindling.

All of a sudden Stormy started to bark. She was facing the sliding door which leads to the dinning room. I thought Stormy was barking at Mary or maybe that nasty Raven I told you all about who killed that little finch a while back.. When I looked up, I saw a beautiful Willow Ptarmigan on the roof. The bird was pretty and regal looking down on Stormy, Sky, and Tundra as they were barking at it. I tried to get the girls to simmer down and just enjoy the beautiful day and this gorgeous bird. To me it was a real treat, to the girls the bird was an intruder in their yard.

After chow, Mike came outside with us. He let Tundra run in the front, but Tundra found the bird hiding under one of the vehicles in the front yard. The bird flew to the roof top again and assumed her looking at us at below. I overheard Mary tell Mike that she thinks there is a nest of them in our lower lot.

I hope it comes back. It sure was pretty to watch it strut back and forth on the roof. Mary took the pictures of the bird that I have included in this newsletter.
Mike's recovery from hip surgery is coming alone very well. We are walking down the driveway to get the morning paper. We actually go a bit further down the street each day. Sometimes we take a second walk around the yard at night, and he lets me munch on the wild grass that is still green and sweet.

Well, I have to go. The way the temperature is falling,we may have a snowy Halloween.!!

See ya,