Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rivers News 10-12-08

Hi Gang, Rivers here

Wow, where did the summer go? Did I nap through it? There is frost on the decks when Mike puts us outside in the morning and the lawns are full of wet leaves. We had a touch of snow the other day, but it is gone now. I know the winter is coming because Mike and Mary started watching their favorite show, Northern Exposure, in the garage with us . As soon as we hear the music, we know tummy rubs are coming our way and maybe even some popcorn! Icy stretches out next to Mary along with Sky and the rest of us hunker down around Mike because he normally has the bigger bowl of popcorn!

Now we all know that one of our favorite humans who lives in the Midwest always sends us popcorn from her special place. Yummy, her Carmel popcorn is just out of sight. When Mike fills his bowl, we all gather around. Poor guy gets one piece for every 5 he passes out to us.

Our good buddy Erin will receiver her service dog next August.
The fund raisers were very successful. I know Erin’s folks’ were very happy for this pup to become a part of Erin's life. On their behalf, let me thank all of you for your prayers and the best wishes you sent Erin's way.

Stormy, who acts as my eyes, told me that Mike shaved off part of his beard. His fur is gone?? No, she told me, he just trimmed it down a bit. She giggled that when she nuzzles with Mike, his bead does not tickle her nose now.

Mike took Tunny down the driveway with him the other night. Tunny became very interested in some kids across the street who were playing with a soccer ball. I don't think Tunny ever saw a ball that big and she was figuring how she could play ball with those kids.

I overhead Mike and Mary talking and it sounded like they have some sort of event scheduled almost every weekend until Christmas. Here is the schedule.
Elmendorf AFB, Saturday 18 October, 11-3
Raven Hall at the State Fair Grounds, Saturday & Sunday October 25 & 26, 10-5 (Huge craft show with over 120 vendors)
Annabel's Books in Wasilla Saturday November 1, 11-3
Pandemonium Books and Cafe Saturday November 8 and again December 20, 11-4
Willow Craft Show at the Community Center, Saturday November 15 10 to 4
Read Alaska at the Anchorage Museum on 7th and C, 11-4 Friday November 28 and again Sunday November 30
Colony High School Saturday November 29 10-5 (The students put this show on and the money raised pays for their traveling expenses for school activities!)
Ravenswood Elementary in Eagle River, Saturday December 6, 10 to 5. (This event is put on by the schools PTA)

Wow, it makes me tried just barking about that schedule. Sky who checks out the computer room often for stashed treats told me that she saw more event dates on the calendar but they were marked tentative.

I know I have been a bit tardy with the newsletter. Well things have been busy around here at the Howlin' Rivers Home. Mike is still working full time in Anchorage and I heard him say that his two bosses are no longer working in his department. I guess where Mike works is like in a dog team. So when two the dogs stop pulling, the rest of the dogs have to pick up the slack. I gather from listening to Mike and Mary that Mike is in a 4 human team. Two of which are no longer working and the 3rd is out due to some personal reasons. Does that really mean that Mike is pulling the “sled” by himself. If so, no wonder he is so tired when he gets home.

Well I better get back to work. We have a load of book orders that I have to autograph. I really enjoy that!

See ya