Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rivers News 7-24-2008

Hi Gang, Rivers here,

The weather here has been nothing but wet and cool. I just started to shed my winter coat, but it feels as if I may still need it. I heard Mary tell Mike that she saw “termination dust”on Pioneer Peek! Termination dust is an early dusting of snow on the mountain peaks and is a warning to tourist that winter is coming! Sky told me that the fire weed is well up its stalk. According to native lore, once the fire weed flowers reach the top of the stalk, winter will soon be here. Where has the warmth of summer gone to?

We have a new addition to our family. Her name is Iris, she has brown hair and brown eyes. Iris is 2 years old. Tundra told me Iris does not look like your normal Husky. Tunny told me she is a lot bigger. Well that is nice, I thought, so when are we going to meet Iris? It appears we are not. Iris stays at the farm since she is a Musk ox!! I guess this what they call a “gotcha!” Mike and Mary, actually our company, Rivers Books adopted Iris. We have a picture of her on our Blog.

Moving on, according to her dad, Lt. Amber and her team are now home. Welcome back and thanks for fighting the bad guys over there so we do not have to fight them here.
Sandy Q from Texas asks that we keep her Mom in our thoughts and prayers. Sandy's Mom is experiencing some health issues.

Book 3 is at the printer. I have included a picture of the cover of Book 3 on our Blog. We are taking advance orders for delivery in late August or early September. There is an order form at:

Did you know that my good buddy Wiggy's has been working with a children's outerwear manufacturer who is making Lamilite insulated outerwear? The company is Molehill Mountain Equipment Inc. the phone number is 208-263-8422; proprietor is Doug Faude. The web site is According to Wiggy, Doug Faude;s products come with the same guarantee of quality that Wiggy's offers!

Another good friend, Ms. Tails brought this to our attention about a chance to send free care package items to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq in honor of the marines depicted in the HBO miniseries “Generation Kill.” Here is the web site. then select the TROOP DRIVE tab.

Well, it is time for a good tummy rub, so where is my Mike??

So what are you doing for the summer? Anything interesting?

Got to go.

See ya