Friday, January 09, 2009

A DVD Review: "See You In Nome"

"See You In Nome" A Husky Productions DVD.

A review by Mike Dillingham, Author/Owner Rivers Books 

Donna Quante has done it again with her latest video, "See You In Nome!" Like her first video, "Pretty Sled Dogs", Donna gets you up front and personal with a class act musher and his beloved dogs. Donna's mastering of video brings out the humbleness, yet dedication and motivation of Sven and the happy, contented nature of his dogs.

You will also meet Sven's wife, Andrea, a veterinarian and enjoy viewing her performing a pre-Iditarod "vet check" on one of Sven's dogs. While highly entertaining, watching a veterinarian do this pre-race examination is also very educational; an eye opener as to the pre-race medical evaluation these dogs must undergo before being allowed to race the Iditarod.

This excellent video starts by introducing you to Sven and his dogs and, you would think, ends with the crossing under the Burl Arch inNome. It does all that with outstanding style and clarity. However, Donna adds an extra bonus for you; an in-sled interview with Sven. Yes, Donna focused her trusty camera on the dog team as they raced down the trail. While you, the viewer, are watching these magnificent dogs enjoy their run on the snow pack, Sven is talking to you, through Donna, answering Donna's questions. This piece of video is in itself amazing, and worth the price of this video.

When you "get out" of the sled, take time and read the credits and ending comments that scroll by on the screen. Sven makes a very important statement attesting to what I wrote above about his,"humbleness, yet dedication and motivation". I had the honor of meeting Sven, and I can tell you his words are not just lip service to sell to an exceptional video, they are true of the man, the musher, the dog lover.

Sven expressed concerned that you, the video viewer, would experience difficulty understanding him due to his accent. I experienced no such problem, either in person or watching the video. My hearing leaves much to be desired, even with state of the art hearing aides.

Besides being extremely entertaining, this video makes a very clear statement regarding a man's dedication to his dogs and the dogs' dedication and unconditional love for the man. You can not go wrong adding this video to your collection. We, at the "Howlin' Rivers Home"
gave it a 4 paw+ tail wag rating.