Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rivers News 6-29-08

Hi Gang Rivers here,

This year is sure going fast. I cannot believe it is the end of June already. I was wondering why I felt a bit older and then realize that I turned 13 in June. Wow, that makes me a senior citizen, 91 in human years . I wonder if I can get a senior’s discount at the dog food store!

We have a dog for adoption. Nope, not one of my kennel mates living at the
“Howling’ Rivers Home”. One of Mike’s long time co-workers and dear friends must give up her dog and she asked us to help her find a home for Serena. Yep, that is the young girl’s name. Serena is 8 years old, very sweet, loves to chase a ball, and is great with kids. Serena is house broken and use to city life in Anchorage. Serena would be a great companion dog for a single person or an empty nest couple. Of course, since Serena is great with kids, a nice family will work also. Serena is not a big dog, more of a lap dog. If you are interested or know someone who could give this pup a great home, please e-mail me privately. We only have to August to get Serena adopted. Thanks.

Our good friend Donna Q of Husky Productions just returned from someplace called Maryland. She did some camera work for an upcoming PBS show about veterans. The show is scheduled to start airing on Veteran's Day and is called America's Veterans, A Musical Celebration”.
The show was taped at the Music Center at Strathmore, produced by the United States Air Force and Maryland Public TV. Guests are Clint Black, Patti LaBelle, Jake Shimabukuro, along with the US Air Force Symphony Orchestra and The Singing Sergeants. Cliff Robertson is the host. Mark you calendars and check you local television listings for the time in your neck of woods. Here is a picture of the concert

A fellow "near famous author" like Mike, Dr. Ken Jones, will be releasing his book about veterans on July 4, 2008. Ken’s book is called
“When Our Troops Come Home”. The book and the web site for supporting our troops and their families are up now, Please visit Ken’s web site att

My good buddy Wiggy knows a thing or two about keeping warm. That is why he manufactures the best sleeping bags and cold weather gear. Now, Wiggy has turned his attention to helping you save money when you heat your house. As you know, no matter how well your windows are sealed, they will loss heat. Wiggy has devised an insulation material that can be cut to the size of your windows. Just like the insulation Wiggy’s uses in his gear that keeps your body heat from escaping, the same idea works for his material preventing heat from escaping from your home. Wiggy told me he will have the product information on his web site next week, here is the web site of Wiggy site. You may have to look for the stuff, but take some time and browse. Check out Wiggy's newsletters. Great products from a “Made in America” company!

Our publisher send us a .pdf file of the new cover for “Rivers Book 3, Unknown Trails”. Fantastic!! It is a 2 MB file so I am hesitant to send it to you . It might choke up your e-mail. The publisher is supposed to send me a .jpg copy so I can post to the web. I will let you know when both the picture and book become available. We are taking advance orders.

Got to go. Wait, what is is the sound I hear? Why, it is the girls barking “Happy Birthday” too me. How sweet of them. What is that I smell, Cake also! One of Mary’s cakes. Yumm. They can sure make me blush!

See ya