Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pretty Sled Dogs Video - A review

Pretty Sled Dogs
A video By Donna Quante, Husky Productions

Reviewed by Mike Dillingham, Author/Owner Rivers Books

If you think this video is a “chick flick”, forget that idea. And it surely is no parody of “Pretty Woman” either. It is a video about dogs and their hard working owners who love them dearly. That love comes across very clearly in the video as Karen Ramstead talks about her dogs; their training, showing and racing.

Donna captured all of the power and beauty of these “Pretty Sled Dogs”. You will walk through the kennel area with Donna as Karen cares for the dogs. You will ride with Donna as she piggybacks on a 4-wheeler as Karen runs a dogs team during a training run. You cannot help but being awed by the sheer beauty of these pure bred Siberian Huskies. Donna’s video takes you so close to the dogs that you will think that you could reach out and give these beauties ear rubs!

Donna’s video gives you a great inside view of a real working, championship racing kennel. You will see the amount of work and dedication it takes to get these magnificent dogs from puppyhood to the finish line or to the show floor.

This video is a must have for anyone who wants to be a musher, own a dog team or breed working dogs. If you ever wanted to visit a world class sled dog racing kennel, but resources prevented you, adding this video to your collection is the way to go.

Donna has won 3 Emmys for her TV camera work. Her mastery of video comes through in "Pretty Sled Dogs". Please visit Donna's web site at http://www.huskyproductions.net/

This video earned our highest rating, 4 paws and a tail wag!


Mike Dillingham and Rivers