Sunday, November 05, 2006

Rivers News 11-05-06

Hi Gang, Rivers here,

Yes, the temperatures dropped and we received a bit of snow. I heard that road conditions were nasty for a while.

Mike and Mary had a table at last week’s Holiday Bazaar at Raven Hall at the state fair grounds in Palmer. It was a two-day event. Mike told me they met a bunch of great people. Here is one of Mike in front of the display. There are tow more at the end of the Blog

Mary met a farmer who was selling pumpkin butter at the Bazaar. The farmer also produces a cranberry/walnut jelly and carrot butter. I had a taste of the pumpkin butter since Mike tends to be a bit sloppy. I was impressed. For human food, it was darn good. I heard Mike tell Mary that the cranberry/walnut jelly would taste great with turkey, or used as a glazed on ham. Not sure, what that all means, but I think Mikes thoughts are on food again. 3 Bears Farm produces these all-natural butters and they are available from Budget Feed and Farm in Palmer. You can e-mail them at for more information about these great products.

Speaking of homemade goodies such as the butters/jelly I mentioned above, one of our friends, BEA, sent us, actually sent Mike and Mary, some home made blackberry jelly. This stuff must have been really good since Mike was not sloppy with it. Bummer, I did not get a taste. Besides making great jelly, she also does Windows! (chuckle)

As I barked in my last newsletter, Captain Tony is coming home in November. So please do not send Captain Tony or his troops any more stuff. It probably will not be forwarded. However, please do not forget Nichelle’s dad and his buddies who are also in Iraq. They are from Ft Richardson, which is just outside Anchorage. Mike use to work there after he retired from the Air Force.

You do remember Nichelle, don’t ya? She is the young high school student who volunteers to play Taps at veteran’s graveside services. Our local paper, the Anchorage Daily News, did a story on Nichelle in today’s paper from what Mike told me. Here is the link Nichelle might be on national TV! As Icy and her girls would say, “You go girl!”

The Golden Corral, a national restaurant chain is offering Veterans a free meal. Golden Corral sets aside the first Monday after Veteran's Day as their Military Appreciation Monday. It is their way of honoring all active duty and retired military personnel with a free "thank you" dinner and beverage at any Golden Corral restaurant. No identification is required. Chow time 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday November 13, 2006. Here is the link

As I barked in my last newsletter, the sisters had a bit of disagreement and Sky had the wounds to show for it. However, Sky healed and resumed her position as the alpha dog.

Lakota is doing great. Mike told me that this year’s Christmas Story is about Lakota.

Are you having trouble deciding what to get that special dog lover on your holiday gift list? Is your budget somewhat tight yet you want a unique gift that keeps on giving? Well, maybe our books might be the gift you are looking for. Please e-mail me privately for more information.

Here are some more pictures from the Holiday Bazaar ( thanks Lead Dog JP)

Well it is time for me to go,
See Ya