Saturday, December 30, 2006

Rivers News 12-26-2006

Hi Gang, Rivers here,

I guess the Christmas must be over since Mike when back to work the other day. He was home for a few days and we had some quality time. We sure had a bunch of people visiting us. At the same time we had all of the visitors, Mary was cooking up a storm and, yes, we had a nice sampling of treats and scraps.

We got about a foot of snow last week and Mike spent a good portion of his time off plowing the driveway. I heard him talk that he was running out of places to put the snow. I guess that is why he broke out the snow blower and Stromy told me Mike was blowing the snow over the hill.

The folks who live next to us have a dog that likes to run the length of our fence with Icy. I think they are buddies. Sometimes when the dog is out, Mike will take Icy out into the side yard and let her run back and forth with the other dog. She tells me that she looks for him when Mike walks her down the driveway for the morning newspaper. Unfortunately, Icy told me, it is probably too early in the morning. Besides that, the big snow plow buried all of Icy’s sniffing areas. Oh yeah! Lakota and I are keeping an eye on them. You know how protective we uncles are, don’t you? Icy did tell me that this morning there was fresh moose tracks near the driveway. I hope it is our favorite momma moose and her babies.

Lakota got a chance to run in the deep snow the other day. He told me he likes to run to the end of the top yard and then look back to see what Mike is doing. Lakota told me that if Mike just looks at him, or just keeps doing whatever Mike is doing, Lakota will head to the lower lot and do some exploring. If Mike starts to walk after Lakota, then Lakota charges at Mike and veers off just before he gets to Mike. Then he will sit down and wait for Mike to give him a bunch of TLC. Yep, Lakota plays like young dog.

Sky, Stormy and Tundra also had some play time in the front yard playing in the deep snow. Tundra chased some balls, but she lost two. Icy tells me it is so funny watching Tundra “tunnel” into the snow looking for the tennis balls. Tunny’s head was snow white from the snow. Lakota told her she looked like a doggy Santa Clause with all the snow on her. Tundra Clause, a new nick name?

Stormy hops like a bunny in the snow. Icy was a bit concerned when Stormy hopped right into a big snow pile that was over Storm’s head. Fortunately for Stormy, Mike was right there to get her out. Nope, that did not stop ”Hoppin” Stormy, she fond some snow that was not so deep and just had a ball in the snow. I over heard her asking her Momma Icy if the balls her twin sister Tunny lost would grow like the veggies in Mary’s veggie patch? I do not know if they will, but they are good chewing after sitting outside for the winter!

Sky was Mary’s assistant host yesterday when we had guest in the house. She told me that she helped Mary clean up and it was hard work. Sure she did. That sounds like she took a page from Sandy’s play book and begged for treats from our guests. Here is a picture of Sky, "hosting".

I had a visit into the big house also and got a piece of ham from Mike and one from Mary. Mary was impressed that I found my way into the house from the garage. I took it nice and slow and just focused on Mike call me. He told me to jump when I came to the step up. Not a problem except for the herd of girls dogs that changed the door when it opened. Gee, ya think they were neglected or something. I have learned a very valuable lesson from the 4 girl dogs. One, never get in their way when the door opens for potty time. And two, never ever get in their way when the door opens to the big house. Moose can learn from these girls about stomping time! Lakota is very smart and hunkers down in his travel crate when the girls go charging. He told me that they actually jump over me! Airborne Alaska Huskies! Must be the vitamins.

Gifts you ask? Did we receive any gifts? Well yes we did. And we sent thank yous, privately to each friend who sent us gifts. Did you tell the one giving you gifts, thank you? Sometimes it is easy to forget to do that. If you forgot, you can still thank them.

Well, I better get back to doing my chores.

Take care