Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rivers News 10-22-2006

Hi Gang, Rivers here,

It looks like snow time will never come to our neighborhood, just rainy and cool weather. Well, that is good in a way because we get to visit with many new friends.

For example, Nichelle, the young woman who volunteers to play Taps at veteran’s funerals, stopped by our home with her mom, brother, and friend from Kansas. It was a cool visit. Nichelle was talking to Mike about taking pictures and playing the guitar. They talked about things called guitar licks, flicks, and pix. I wonder if those are from a new kind of language. It sure is not canine friendly!

Nichelle thanked us for telling you about all of the soldiers who could use some mail.

Then just a few days ago, Mike took me to the Palmer Visitors’ Center to meet a fan named Evva. Now Evva wrote to us and asked to meet us. She read both our books and, well, just really had to meet us. Therefore, Mike packed me up in the truck and off we went.

The weather cooperated and when we arrived at the Center, Mike took me out of the truck and walked me all around the area. I remember this place. I met BEA and Linda here a while ago. Mike and I did a book signing here also. We have met many nice people here. Mike told me that it is a nice place for taking pictures.

Well as soon as Evva, her Mom, Ian, Evva’s younger brother, and Aubrey, Evva’s older sister, arrived, Mike gave Evva my leash, and off we went exploring the area. Evva is sure fun to walk with. I think she caught on very quickly that since I cannot see, I tend to make my own trails thru the bushes.

I know Evva’s Mom and Mike talked a lot while I was walking with Evva. I am not sure what they were talking about, but it sound as if our families have much in common. Apparently, Evva’s family helps orphaned and distressed animals. I think they sent us a picture, which I will post to our blog.

A few days ago, while Mike was at work and Mary took off to do some errands, we were all snoozing in the garage. I work up to Icy’s babies getting in one nasty dogfight as Mary walked through the door. All I know is that the girls woke Lakota and Icy. The three of us raced out the door as Mary came in.

I heard Mary break up the fight. Tunny and Stormy raced out of the garage while, Icy raced back in to see what happened to Sky and Mary. Icy told us that Mary packed up Sky and took her in the big truck to the vet.

When Mary returned, we all went back into the garage. Lakota and I immediately headed to our travel crates to get out of the way. Icy was checking out Sky. Mary was very upset and let Sky, Tunny, and Stormy know that fighting is not good. “Wait till Mike gets home,” Mary said, very sternly. “He does not like this bad dog behavior.”

Lakota told met that Sky sat near Mary. She had some bite marks on her snout and around one eye. Stormy was in her travel crate. Tunny was lying on a pillow with her ears down and curled up into a ball trying to hide. Yes, they knew Mary was upset.

By the time Mike arrived home, we were finished with chow and in the kennel. Well, all of us except Sky and Stormy, they stayed in the garage. Mike came to the kennel and he immediately knew that Tunny was the one that probably started the dogfight. Lakota told me that Tunny was by the fence waiting for Mike. As soon as he asked her about the fight, she started to cower and raced to her doghouse. Lakota told me that she got so far back into the house that he had a hard time seeing her. Tundra knows that fighting with your sisters is a bad thing to do. Lakota told me that the look on Mike’s face suggested he did not believe Tundra started the fight.

Later that night, we found out that Stormy really started the dogfight. Apparently, Stormy did something to Tundra or Sky. Stormy does that often even though she was warned to be nice to her sisters. Tunny generally just ignores Stormy, but Sky will not. Each of the pups had there own version of what happened, and each version is different. Whose story do you going to believe? Yep, poor Icy sure has her paws filled being a single mom.

Well, that was a few days ago. Icy just t told me that Sky face is almost completely healed and will be as good as new in a few days.

New news: On Saturday and Sunday, October 28 and 29, 2006, Mike and Mary will be at the Holiday Bazaar at Raven Hall located on the state fair grounds. It cost a dollar to get in but there are door prizes you can win. I understand there will be over 100 vendors there. It should be a lot of fun. If you need direction just e-mail me privately.

Icy was telling me that she watched Mary set up the display racks with all of the beautiful things she has for sale at the bazaar. Things like husky pillows, husky stuff animals, husky Christmas cards, husky ordainments, handmade bookmarks, and two books about a blind Alaska Husky. I guess you can say that Mary likes huskies. Besides the display racks filled with goodies, Mary convinced Mike to bring our sled and let her fill it with more goodies for display. She had Mike make a slide show using pictures of us dogs. Mary wants to show the slideshow at the bazaar. Is Mary excited about the Holiday Bazaar? You betcha!

Well I barked a bunch in this newsletter. Guess that is what happens when you have not sent one out in a while. I really have to apologize for that, I will try to write more often.

Take care, and please keep writing to our military women and men in the war zones. They need your kind words of support and thanks.

See ya