Friday, September 22, 2006

Rivers News 9-23-06

Hi Gang, Rivers here,

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Did you know that veterans have the right to have Taps played at their burial? Did you know that there is a shortage of buglers? Did you know that Congress authorized "mechanical" renditions of TAPS at burials? In other words, Taps played over a boom box or digital bugle.

Why am I barking this to you in this newsletter? Well, Mike read an article in our local newspaper about a young woman who volunteers to play Taps at the burials of veterans. She found a bugle and taught herself how to play it. Her name is Nichelle. She is 15. Nichelle is a very remarkable young woman according to the article in the newspaper.

This is a picture of Nichelle playing Taps at a veteran's burial.

The paper also stated that Nichelle's dad is in the Army and his unit is in Iraq. Their home base is Fort Richardson, just outside Anchorage.

Mike told me it was just great to see a young adult become involved like Nichelle did. He sent Nichelle a thank you note for doing such a great thing for veterans. Mike also asked if she would ask her dad if any soldiers in his unit were not receiving any mail during their adventures in Iraq.

Well it turns out that this is a big problem. The unit has been in Iraq since spring and many of the lower ranking soldiers have received very little mail and some, no mail at all since they have been there! That bothered Mike and he asked me to get the word out to you to help.

Nichelle's mom sent us a list of soldiers who could use a note or a card from you. There are many names on this list, too many to be forgotten. We won't let that happen, right?

Think for a moment. Why are they not receiving mail? Maybe it is because they have no one to write to them. That is very sad. Well they do now, right?

I know things are tight biscuit wise, but may I ask you spare a few crumbs for a postcard and stamp that would bring a smile to these soldiers' faces?

For all those rescue groups that asked for our help, well now I am asking for yours on behalf of these heroes. Would you networking with your volunteers to mail some cards and letters to these troops? That could be a win-win situation. You bring some cheer to these troops now and in turn, they may network for you when they come home. You never know how a simple act of kindness and snowball back to you. You know there is a natural bond between GIs and dogs.

All of the soldiers are E-4 or below (lower ranking) and will be Iraq until 1 March 2007. Please e-mail me privately for a list of names. For security reasons, I am not posting their names on this web site.

On behalf of them, I thank you. If you want to thank Nichelle, please send thank-yous by e-mail to me and I will pass it on to her Mom.

Lakota tells me that there is more snow in the mountains. It is getting cooler and which makes me frisky. Every morning I bark at Mike to hurry and finish his chores so I can lead him back to the garage for a treat. I guess I start prancing around and jumping in circles because he told me I was acting like a young pup. The girls join in and we all dance around Mike encouraging him to finish. However, I bet very serious when he gives me the "Hike Hike" command and I race the other dogs back to the garage. You know who wins, don't you?

Please do not forget our troops. They are there for us and we need to be there for them

Take care