Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rivers News 3-16-08

Hi Gang, Rivers here,

Okay, I know it has been a long time since our last newsletter, but believe me; it has been very hectic around the Howlin’ Rivers Home. First we had many of our friends from “Outside” visit us. Besides Mike’s day job routine, he had several book signings to attend. Mary was busy with her friends, visiting musher’s kennels, attending the Vet check at the ITC headquarters, helping Donna at Husky Productions gather Iditarod media tidbits, attending banquets, and trying to catch up on some quality time with us during these busy Iditarod times.

Congratulations to Lance Mackey for winning the 2008 Iditarod. What an interesting race this one was! Besides the suspense of the cat and mouse chase between Lance and Jeff King, there were many other interesting things happening. We are also very happy that our good friend Karen Ramstead made it too Nome safely. Karen is one of our favorite mushers and all around good people. Way to go mushers!!

Speaking of Lance Mackey, our good friends at Northern Light Media, in cahoots (wow, I like that word. It sounds like something good to eat!!) with Husky Productions, produced a great video of a conversation with Lance called “Appetite and Attitude, a conversation with Lance Mackey”.

We had the privilege of watching it with Mike; well, I listened to it since I cannot see. Mike wrote a review on the video, which I hope you enjoy reading. Since it is a bit long, I have posted it to our blog at I hope the video inspires you to add it to your collection. If so, please contact Northern Light Media at

I want you to know that if you could not make our open house, you were missed. I posted a picture of the cake on our blog. Mike told me that the picture on the cake will be the cover our Book 3.

At this time, we do not have any new military folks in the war zones to write to outside of Lt. Amber’s team. So if you know of any military folks in the war zones who would like to receive some mail, please privately send their addresses to me and I will make sure they get posted to the Rivers Group.

Caitlyn came by the house yesterday with a great move that she watched with us. It was called “Firehouse Dog” and it was great. We all gave it a 4 paw rating!

Mike was a guest speaker for the Alaska Society of Professional Engineers last night. He gave his presentation “Life with a Blind Dog” at the banquet. I know he was rehearsing this and I had to remind him that this presentation was originally written to motivate teachers and young people. He told me when he came home last night that he had modified it for the Engineers. He told me that he received two standing ovations from the group when he was done. He told me that he made it very clear to the group that he was only the messenger of the story; I was the star of the show. Holy Moly Mike, you are making me blush!

Spring is almost here, Yippee.

Take care