Sunday, March 16, 2008

Appetite and Attitude, a Conversation with Lance Mackey

Appetite and Attitude, a Conversation with Lance Mackey
A video by Northern Light Media

Reviewed by Mike Dillingham, Author/Owner Rivers Books.

I met Lance Mackey at a public function soon after Lance won the 2007 Quest and Iditarod. I had Rivers, my blind retired racing sled dog, with me and we had the chance to talk to Lance. Now Lance, being a celebrity, a super hero of the mushing world, winning both races back to back, I figured he would be a pompous arrogant individual who really had no time to discuss anything with someone who he does not know. However, I was very wrong. I found Lance to be friendly, down to earth, humorous, and honest. He is not disillusioned about himself. Believe me; his outstanding achievements have not given him a fat head.

So, when I this video showed up at my house, I was very interested in enjoying it. Frankly, I was not disappointed. The same Lance I met in 2007 was the man talking on the video. He was open, honest, and talks to you, not at you. While the questions he was asked were probably scripted, Lance remarks were not. They were extremely candid, at times emotional, and sincere. Lance does not talk to the camera. Lance talks to the interviewer and focuses his energies on the conversation.

This is an extremely professional video. The camera work captures a relaxed, but at times excited Lance Mackey.

If you buy this video to learn Lance’s secrets of being a dog team driver, you are wasting your time. However, if you want to listen and in some cases feel a part of a one-on-one dialogue with a true champion, this video is a must have.


Mike Dillingham