Friday, September 15, 2006

Tyrone: Updated - 9-16-06

Hi Gang, Rivers here.

These are e-mails from Bobbie of the Echo Dog White GSD Rescue and Dachshund Rescue.

9-16-06: At present Tyrone is going to the vet on Monday for shots and HW testing, if he is in condition, also to be neutered. And the vet will do some evaluation check him out. He will be there a few days then if we do not have a legitimate rescue, we will either board him or bring him to Michigan to Pamm's.

Thank you so much for posting his needs. Will update you in a few days when we know more. - Bobbie

9-15-06: We have someone pulling him and he will go to a vet nearby for evaluation shots and if he is able to be neutered. This will buy us a few days. Then we will either board him or he will go to Pamm's until we find the right place for him or rescue.
Thanks and I will keep you posted.
- Bobbie

9-14-06: Thank you so much. This dog is going to be saved no matter what it takes. He is not going to be the only one left behind. My friend Pamm in Mi and I are working on him too but even if she is able to board him we do need a rescue. Thanks again - Bobbie

I want to bark "thank you" to those of you who got involved, and e-mailed us with support and ideas.

Take care