Friday, September 15, 2006

Blind Dog Name Tyrone Needs Help

Hi Gang, Rivers here

I just received an urgent e-mail from Julie Hoffman, Founder/Director,
Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue (they rescued Abby) about a blind husky in a shelter in Northern Ohio. Julie received her info from another rescue outfit.

If you want help, please contact July directly at, or Bobby at Bobby is part of Echo Dog White GSD Rescue and Dachshund Rescue

I am not sure what our group can or should do in matters such as these. Mike does not have the time to do rescues the way he feels they need to be done, so he is leaving it up to you. He asks that if you or someone you know in the Northerwestern Ohio area that might be able to help, please contact either Bobbie or Julie and see what needs to be done.

The dog is a male and is named Tyrone. He is in a shelter apparently part of a group of dogs that were confiscated due to neglect. The other dogs have been adopted out. Unofficial diagnosis is that he has 2 detached retinas. Again, this observation is from a non vet. But the dogs is blind; apparently not in any pain. The shelter warden thinks Tyrone is 5.. Apparently, Tyrone gets alone well with other dogs and is very is a very nice dog.

Please cross post and energize your personal networks. Any contacts to either Kathy or Bobby should reference the Rivers News group so that they understand your inquiry is legitimate.

Take care and thank you