Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rivers News 11-02-05

Hi Gang, Rivers here,

Well we got a new dog truck. A custom 12 hole model! It is a Fetrow and I have included a picture of it at the end of this e-mail.

Yesterday morning, Mary had some visitors just after day break. We heard them come up from the lower lot. Lakota told me it was a mama moose and her 2 babies. This mama moose has been here before. Sky told me that she noticed that the last of the cabbage that was not harvested and some carrots were missing from the veggie patch. Lakota told me that he saw some very big hove prints in the dirt when Mike and Lakota went walking over there last weekend. Icy told me that when Mike walked her in the lower lot, she saw a press down area where the moose may have rested.

I guess our barking alerted Mary who had time to get these great pictures of the mama moose and her babies. How do know they are great pictures, since I am blind? Well Tunny and Stormy told me so.

Since we know this mama moose, we stopped barking. She is like family and she most likely will stay in the area since she knows it is safe here on our lot. I notice the rabbits have not been around lately. I wonder if Mike made a deal with the Moose to scare them off!.

Fool you!! This is our new dog truck. Yep it is a toy truck and was made by our good buddy Les Fetrow. Les does the craft shows that Mike and Mary do. So he made Mike this dog truck last year. Les told Mike that these dog trucks really sell very well. Mary gave Les a small toy dog sled to mount to one of the trucks.

Notice the sign on the side doors of the truck? It says Rivers Books. Well Natalie’s Grandmother, Lynette, hand painted the sign on the truck. Lynette also made some beautiful wooded stocking tree ornaments with our names on them for our Christmas tree. She does these nifty craft things and I think sells them at the craft shows.

Nope I cannot go to the craft shows because they have hot dogs and you know how I am with hot dogs

You ask who Natalie is. Well she is the young lady who waited 2years to receive a copy of our books and she finally received them last Saturday!

It sure has become cold here lately. Mike told me that the weather forecaster on the TV said that we are getting January temps in November. Hmm, kind of cold to snow also and the nights have been very clear. At this rate, I wonder if we will get March’s temperatures in Janurary and then May’s temperatures in March!

Time for this puppy to take a nap.

Take care,