Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rivers News 10-18-2005

Hi Gang, Rivers here,

According to my “eyes” Stormy and Lakota the snow has come pretty far down the mountain sides. We had frost on our doghouses over the weekend and a thin layer of ice was in our water bowls. The wind has been howling, (but not as pretty as Lakota howls), for the past few days.

Sunday Mike got us up early and herded us to the garage. I was wondering why but then heard a big truck pull up into the drive way and a buzzing sound started right after that. A few hours later, Mike let us out of the garage and told us to go to the kennel.

When we got there, Sky told me that the huge dead trees that were threaten to come down in our kennel were gone! She was telling me that the view down to the lower lot is really nice now that those monster trees were gone.

Since Sunday was a very nice day, Mike and Mary worked in the yard. Mike was cutting up the trees into smaller pieces to be used in a friend’s wood burning stove. The friend uses wood to heat her home. Mary was fussing with our doghouses putting more fresh straw into them.

Mike received an e-mail from our friend Tony F and his troops from Alaska that are in Iraq. This is what he had to say. Mike wanted to share it with you.

"Thanks for all of the support from you guys and from the letter writers. Everyone that has sent something to my troops and me WILL receive a thank you letter from me and from the other soldiers as well, I will write them myself! Thank you so much for what you and they are doing, it really makes a soldier's day to see someone that cares about them in such a great way! Thanks!”

But Tony also told Mike that 3 of his troops receive no mail at all. Here are their names and address. I know you will take a bit out of this problem and send a card or two.

SGT Evan Morrow
SFC Christopher Gomez
1LT Anthony Towne

The address to use is
172 SBCT
APO AE 09319

My good friend Julia P mentioned that the post office has a special rate for mailing packages to the troops. I have not checked that out yet. Mike suggests that before you send anything to our military personnel overseas ask them what they really need. While the following web address go to the US War Dog Association, who also send s “care packages” to the war dogs and their handlers, they have a great list of items that the troops have requested. http://uswardogs.org/id40.html

Mike’s long time buddy Frankie (I think they served together in the USAF.) has a nephew going to Iraq later this year. While Frankie does not have a firm address for his nephew, Frank did send Mike this web address as another source to write to the troops overseas. http://anysoldier.com/

To change the subject a bit, the following Web address comes from Microsoft and contains some good info on taking a bite out of spam and using the BCC address line. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/assistance/HA012309041033.aspx

Mark you calendars! There will be a huge holiday bazaar at Raven Hall on the State Fairgrounds in Palmer on 29 and 30 October from 10 to 5. While there is a $1 admission charge, they have some great door prizes. Come visit Mike and Mary there and see the “Husky Pillows”. Also, Mike and Mary will be at the Elmendorf Main Exchange from Noon to 2Pm on Saturday November 12 and again on Saturday December 17, 2005.

BTW, today October 18, 2005 is Alaska Day!!

Well time for me to get some chores done. Gee, even in retirement there are chores to be done.

Take care