Monday, August 08, 2005

Rivers Updates 8-8-05

Well if you are going to mess up, then mess up good I say, and I did just that this weekend. I guess the success of the Blog went to my head and I got a bit careless.
First I sent you an E-mail for the Military tribute and forgot the dot before the com. Okay, that was not too bad. Then in my wild canine enthusiasm, I got my Rosemary's really mixed up. The tribute came from Rosemary D. who lives in Anchorage and has two beautiful show dogs that she showed at the big dog show at Raven Hall . I seldom get mail from her, she normally routes her stuff to Mary. I gave the credit to Rosemary P. who lives in NYC and is a real live teacher. Rosemary P. emails me often. So Mea Culpa on that mess up. (Sure dogs speak Latin). Bark is the foundation of Latin which is the foundation of most Western languages!! That is why dogs can communicate with each other no matter where they live. Bark has no boundaries!
The biggie came when I answered Edna's E-mail and instead of cc: Rivers Mom, I cc: Rivers Newsletter. Guess the BRS (Bark Recognition Software got a bit confused. And from the feedback, so did a lot of you. Probably added some adventure to your Monday morning!
I know, I owe you a big long newsletter about the new driveway and all of the visitors we had since the Iditarod picnic. Hopefully this weekend. OOOPs maybe not. Mike and Mary along with Caitlyn are doing the Summer Market at Raven Hall, located on the State Fair grounds. Gee, I guess they must need a lot of help since they asked Caitlyn to help out. She helped out at the Young Writers' Workshop and did a very good job. Not bad for a 6 year old.
Me, I am going to loaf. Remember I am retired and have learned to exchange ear rubs and tummy rubs for good chow, a nice doghouse and plenty of TLC.
See ya