Friday, August 05, 2005

Rivers News 8-5-05 Blogging

Hi Gang, Rivers here,

Many of you have asked for a picture of us, so I figured that I would try out this Blog thingy and see if it will work to put our newsletters out. Apparently, you click on the web site from the e-mail I send you and then your Internet Browser opens up the Blog with the picture.

So here is a picture of Mike, Mary, Icy (Christmas in our books) and yours truly taken at Iditarod 2005 time by June P and Donna Q.

You may get this twice since I am sending it out by G-Mail. It seems that a while back, our internet provider was accused of spamming and some of the e-mail addresses on our list blocked us. I don't blame them, but if someone does not want the newsletter and they let us know, Mike removes them immediately from the list.

So let us know what you think of Rivers' first Blog!!

A big thanks to BEA for the technical assist.

See ya