Saturday, August 13, 2011

The End of the Rivers' Newsletter

Hi gang, Mike here,

Icy (Christmas in the Rivers Books)
Mary walked Icy (Christmas in our books) across the Rainbow Bridge today. Icy was a good natured, loving and gentle dog. We were very blessed to be her human companions for over 10 years.

In light of Icy's passing, I have decided to shut down the Rivers' Newsletter. Our three remaining dogs, Sky, Tundra and Stormy are “Garage Dogs”, who have decided that napping in the garage is more appealing than running the trails. I really don't blame them. At my age, napping is much more appealing than running!

We continue to work on the new Rivers' book, titled “Rivers Book 4, Destiny”. We hope to have in published by September 2012. Once published and available for sale, we will post notice on Rivers' Facebook page,, as well as on our web site at

Rivers 4 will be the end of the series.

Rivers' Facebook page as well as the Book tour web site, will always be updated to reflect the events that Mary and I will be vendors at. We hope to see you at those.

Thank you for all the years of your friendship.

See ya!