Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rivers News 9-23-07

Hi Gang, Rivers here,

Lakota told me that the leaves are falling. He described the colors as yellow with a hint of red. Stormy told me that the snow is creeping down the mountain sides. Yes, autumn is here and winter is coming. There is a chill in the air when Mike puts us out in the morning before he goes of to work. Isn’t turkey season starting soon? Umm, I can taste Mary’s turkey as I bark this to you.

A few nights ago, Mike decided to camp out with us in the garage. Apparently his granddaughter Caitlyn was doing a sleep over with Mary and Mike decided to let them have the bed to themselves. We all get to wrestle and cuddle with Mike when he does this. When we are done and ready to go to sleep, we go back to our travel crates and wait for Mike to settle in. When we hear him snore, the girls move into their “sleep with Mike” positions. I am told that Sky will wrap herself around Mike’s head, while Storm and Tundra pin him under the blanket. Eventually, Icy will move out of her crate to cuddle also. Lakota and I will hang back in our crates, keeping a watchful “eye” over them. Frankly, there is not enough Mike for all of us to curl up to at the same time.

I guess I woke Mike up because I heard him say “Rivey, are you sleep-walking?” I guess I stopped and turned my heard in the direction of his words. Okay, what am I doing out of my travel crate, I thought? Mike told me that I was prancing around the garage jumping in circles, just like I do in the yard when Mike plays with me. But this time, Mike was not playing with me. Was I actually doing this in my sleep? Mike got up and helped me back to my travel crate, where I promptly when back to sleep. Before I did I heard the girls chuckle a bit even though I did disturb their beauty sleep!

We did receive some bad news this weekly. Our good buddy Doctor Jim Gaarder, is leaving Alaska. As many of you know, Doctor Jim is an animal eye doctor (ophthalmologist) and made me pain free. Dr. Jim told Mike that he has some commitments and obligations outside Alaska that will prevent him from staying here. Dr. Jim told Mike about checking the sea lions and seals’ eyes at the Sea Life Center in Seward, Alaska. Mike asked him how he could check their eyes out. Does Dr. Jim do it under water? Dr. Jim told Mike that the mammals are trained to hold still next to the tank enclosure so Dr. Jim can do his tests. I guess there is some difference in examining a 60 pound dog’s eye and a several hundred pound wild sea creature’s.

Interestingly, Dr. Jim’s new practice will be in Ardsley New York, only about 20 miles or so from where Mike grew up in New York City. Here is the web site of the new practice. If you click on the “Doctor’s Link” you will be taken to Dr. Jim’s bio. Icy read it to me. It is very impressive.

One of our Rivers Book 3 test readers dropped by the Howlin’ Rivers Home last week. Tatjana, with her Mom and 2 of her siblings, came by to pick up some of our books and to give us ear rubs. Mike was at work so Mary took me in the front yard and let Tatjana walk me around the front yard. It is always great to “see” our friends. Tatjana will be heading to Chicago for a few weeks soon. Among the other things she will be doing during her visit to Chicago, is a study on Chicago pizza bones. Her goal is to see if they are as good as the pizza bones we get from Mike and Mary’s favorite pizza place, Evangelo’s located close to where we live. I offered to help Tatjana in her pizza bone studies, but unfortunately it would be impossible for her to bring any Chicago pizza bones back to Alaska due to airline security.

We received a nice picture of SSG. B and his troops playing soccer in Iraq. He did not say much so we can assume he and his troops are doing fine. I am not sure when they are coming back to Alaska, but until I find out, please keep those cards and notes of gratitude, caring, and encouragement going their way.

Mike and Mary will be out and about selling our books and some other things they have added to our line of goodies. The sitting Husky and Husky change purses. Mary has added some wooden ornaments and some more Husky stuff dogs. Stormy keeps bugging Mary to take some photos so Stormy can put them on our blog for her. Sky told me that many of the Husky stuffed dogs look like here. I cannot verify that and Lakota just chuckled when I asked him.

Here is where Mike and Mary will be. In October and November so if you are in the area, please visit.

Saturday and Sunday, October 26 and 27, time 10 to 5, Raven Hall, State Fair Grounds
November 24, time 10 to 5, Colony High School, Palmer.
November 2, time 9 to 3, Anchorage’s Providence Hospital‘s Holiday Bazaar. Books only for sale at this event.

Gotta go.

Take care