Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rivers News 3-14-2006

Hi Gang, Rivers Here,

We want to thank all of our friends that came by and gave us or sent us treats. A special thank to some of our Indianan friends, Jet, Roshi and Brew. Thanks gang!

Well as many of you know, Abraham the blind senior Husky in Indiana actually was an Abbey and Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue took her for fostering into a home after her medical checkup. It looks like she may need to have the same operation I had to become Pain free. However, let us hope that Abbey is her way to a happy ending. Abbey’s picture is up at

Mike has contacted Northern Lights to obtain information about donations specifically for Abbey by other than PayPal. If you are interested in this information, please e-mail us privately.

The open house was super. I lost count of how many people stopped by. I had “ERO” (Ear Rub Overload) which probably accounts for why I lost track of who showed up.

Pennsylvania Pat and her crew stopped by with some Pet Angel tags for our collars. I hope the picture Mike took shows up well. Stormy says the dog image on the tag look a bit her Aunt Sandy.

Another friend has a great gizmo that Mike took a picture of.
It is an eyeglass holder. Mike said it was pretty cool. Here is a picture of that plus some words from Karen. “Each Pin "LOCKS" the reading glasses or sunglasses in place when not in use so one never has to ask, "Now WHAT did I do with my glasses???". They all are guaranteed against breakage; which means, if the circle or portion that pins to the garment breaks or if any portion of the Pin itself breaks, the customer returns the main portion of the design to the company for a free replacement. It is inexpensive and has multiple uses, besides keeping track of glasses.” Contact Karen at

Here are some pictures of the cake that Mary purchased for the Open House. Lakota told me all about it and it made me drool.

At the get together, our friend Keith announced that he was considering running the 2008 Iditarod. He said that He would be working with Lynda Plettner. Way to go Keith.

Barking of running the Iditarod, I hope Keith reads Paul Ellering’s “Wrestling the Iditarod.” Mike told me that it is excellent book of one man’s insight as to how to make it to Nome behind a 16-dog team. Mike said he highly recommends the book for anyone looking for a good fast informative and entertaining read about what it takes to run this race. Mike does not read any other books except computer technical stuff while working on our books (yes he is working on Rivers Book 3). Therefore, for Mike to break his routine means that Paul’s book is something special. Check out Paul’s site at .

Sky Queen from GA came up for a full week and spent time with us. She always brings us treats and stuffed toys for Tundra and tennis balls for the rest of us. Icy (Christmas in our books) told me that Sky Queen gave Mary a nice a gardener’s bag and Mike the first 3 season of “Due South.” We started to what the show in the garage and they are cool. Well I did not watch but Stormy was doing great job of telling me what was on the TV.

There were so many visitors that I really lost count. I know they really enjoyed themselves as we did. Well, Lakota and I did, the girls stayed outside and barked at everyone. Too bad they have not learned not to bark at our friends. They sure missed a lot of great treats and ear rubs.

Take care